I’m Jason West

an Internet Marketer...

I help business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their income using automated online marketing, funnels and some powerful software tools.

A bit about me...

I started out over 18 years ago online and quickly fell in love with all things Internet.

I would spend hours just learning how to write HTML code, build Web pages and eventually start my own online businesses.

There is nothing like seeing an email coming in letting you know someone just bought something from your Website whilst you were asleep or having fun with your family. 

This still makes me smile today and to me the Internet and automated marketing software are a match made in heaven.

Over the years I've literally sold millions of dollars of physical products, Websites and courses online and enjoyed an amazing amount of freedom. 

These days I really enjoy teaching entrepreneurs how to use software and systems to automatically grow their businesses. 

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My Main Areas of Expertise


    I can design both simple and complex marketing funnels to lead potential clients through to a successful sales conversion.


    This is still my primary way of engaging with potential clients and has literally generated my companies millions of pounds over the years.


    Building a digital asset you can sell again and again is a phenomenal use of your time and great fun to do. I have created and sold several different course that continue to pay me today.


    I've done hundreds of live Webinars and have mastered the art of using them to generate sales. I also have successfully used auto Webinars.


    I can build Websites that convert and respond dynamically to your visitors actions to help move them to your desired outcome. 

Ready-Made Funnels

Save yourself hours of your valuable time creating landing pages, funnels and complicated marketing automation and just purchase one of my proven done for you funnels. 


This is the exact funnel and automated marketing that has enabled me to sell over $400k in online courses.


Gain immediate authority and build a massive list in any niche, with this proven Online Summit Funnel.


This is a powerful funnel to generate pre-qualified calls with potential clients to predictably grow your business.

The Tools Of The Trade

These are some of my most preferred software tools to create, market
and sell digital products and services online.

  • Kartra

    This is the best all in one software for marketing and selling Digital products available right now in my opinion.

  • WebinarJam

    I use this every week to deliver free live training to hundreds of people and sell thousands of pounds worth of courses.

  • Stripe

    It's become almost the default payment provider for online businesses as it's so simple to set up and works with everything.

  • PayPal

    People do feel secure when using Paypal to make payments so it's important to have it as an available option.

  • Google Drive

    It's great for storage but I use it mainly for Google Sheets as I like to access my spreadsheets from anywhere.

  • EverWebinar

    This software enables you to run automated Webinars that feel just like a live one and can make sales for you 24/7.

  • Manychat

    A powerful and inexpensive platform to build a list of people to market to with Facebook Messenger.

  • Zapier

    The connector of al things. This amazing service will link one software to another and pass data around to where you need it.

  • WordPress

    The most Search Engine friendly software to create a Website with and 23% of all Websites are using it!

  • Powerpoint/Keynote

    I use either to create powerful presentations designed to educate and sell products and services.

  • UseLoom

    A free and quick way to record your screen and then share the video with anyone in seconds. Brilliant  for training freelancers.

  • Thinkific

    A very good value platform for hosting and selling online courses. Really user friendly and simple to operate.

  • ThriveCart

    A super flexible shopping cart for selling any digital product. Just create a product and then get a link to the cart for it.

  • Camtasia

    I've used this extensively to make videos for courses as well as promotional videos. 

  • Photoshop

    A big learning curve but a must have if your going to create totally custom graphics. A simple alternative is Canva.

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